Sustainability and rural development

Medio ambiente P

We are concerned about the environment and we are determined to actively work towards reducing its deterioration. A Ulloa shire has a rich environment and a great diversity which we try to improve by reforesting with autochthonous trees: Chestnut trees, walnut trees, ash trees or birch trees inhabit our chickens’ parks and create the proper ecosystem to guarantee the best welfare conditions for open-air rearing.

We are focused on ensuring a sustainable approach for our activity by properly managing the natural resources at hand and thus being environmentally friendly. This approach is backed by the cultivation of fruit for our own organic jams and by the installation of solar panels in our farms for significantly reducing electricity consumption.


Cultural activities and protection of the Galician heritage

Patrimonio Pazo de Vilane

Another of Pazo de Vilane’s guiding principles is historic heritage recovery and the spread and planning of cultural activities that help revitalise the shire. 

The recovery of Pazo de Vilane’s architectural heritage was carried out with the purpose of turning it into a place for social and cultural rooting as well as an innovative organisation for agricultural and livestock production. Little by little, we have been recovering the different structures that integrated the manor for a repurpose.

With initiatives as the open days or the concerts we organise, we open the manor and its activities to the community and we draw people from all over Spain to the shire.



Emprendimiento Pazo de Vilane

Pazo de Vilane is filled with entrepreneurs. In 1996, we returned to Galicia’s countryside. We know very well that entrepreneurship is not an easy path. Our entrepreneurial vocation has made us support other initiatives. At the same time, we promote livestock activities within the shire by integrating local farmers into our structure and providing them with means and training.

So shires like ours can survive, we must have initiatives that support the countryside as a livelihood –that is why we foster entrepreneurship– as we did in the 90s. Our activity has turned Pazo de Vilane into a place for rural development and revitalisation, providing jobs and wealth in our shire.