The Pazo

A life project, a philosophy and 300 years of history to tell.

We came back in 1996 to recover the old family manor  and to give it a new life.

We came back to recover our Galician roots.

We came back and pioneered in producing free-range eggs laid by pasture-raised hens as it was common in the past.

Learn about our history

Learn about our history


Juan Varela-Portas y Pardo (1930-2010)

Creator and ideologist of the current Pazo de Vilane project.

He was always ahead of his time and he used to go against the flow. All those who met him highlighted his generosity and his will to take the world by storm.

Together with his wife, Piedad de Orduña, he left Madrid in the 90s, convinced that Pazo de Vilane would become an important brand of high-quality Galician products.

Nuria, Piedad and Juan remember their father

Her father’s inspiration and her courage led her to become a business model within the poultry sector.

Nuria Varela-Portas de Orduña

Pazo de Vilane

At the age of 25 and after a long stay in England, she came back to the manor with her parents, to lead and foster the project from the outset, dealing with any required task.

Nuria has a degree in Economics and Business studies –together with an Executive MBA– and has been Pazo de Vilane’s managing director since its foundation.

We take care of our free-range hens


Many have followed Pazo de Vilane’s example so far in the determination of offering job opportunities in the so-called “emptied Spain”. We are people who believe in the countryside and boost the local economy.

Many of us are women who care about what we do so we can give you the best.

Quienes nos han seguido
Quienes nos han seguido

Your values,
our values

At Pazo de Vilane, we have been committed since the beginnings to creating a company that fulfilled certain values related to the development of the rural environment around us while taking our entrepreneur character forward..

The basic principles that drive our project are:

Recovery of the
historical and
the family heritage.

Life care
animal welfare.

Feasibility of the project
from the territory’s
point of view.

to rural

Sustainable and handicraft
working and
production processes.

Pioneers of countryside
and agricultural economy
as a future project.

High-quality products
under a brand
of our own.

of art
and culture.

the surroundings
and the environment.

the inspiration of our brand

Galicia is a privileged land. Its climate, with rainy winters and mild summers, has created a unique natural environment made up of magical forests and oak groves, rivers and creeks dotted by watermills that were used for milling in years past. Here, we hear the rhythm of nature and the time set by that beat inspires and accompanies us in our task. These are the ingredients that lead us to pay attention to those little lovely things. That is Galicia’s essence as well as our brand’s essence.

The oak, symbol of our logo and our shire. Robust, strong and enduring, the oak tree receives the attributes of life, strength, wisdom, nobility, family, loyalty and longevity from the Celtic culture. For all that, we identify our project with it: a commitment to life, nature, animal welfare and care for people.


Huevos camperos de Pazo de Vilane

Our free-range egg box, the market’s innovation

Pazo de Vilane’s free-range egg box was designed in 1997 by Galician designer Pepe Barro, reference of design in Galicia. A different package for a different product which back then broke with the monotonous designs of the egg packages of the time. It has received several awards and has been showcased in industrial design exhibitions. It features the essence of what we are: naturalness, crafting, sustainability, nature and the rural world; things made as they were made in the past: slowly and paying attention to detail.

It can be reused and recycled, by staying loyal to our principles. Its hen-and-cock stippling shows the strength of the symbolic and the roughness of craftsmanship, thus evoking the freedom in our mode of production, taking up a stance against the cold perfection of mass and mechanical production. It reflects Pazo de Vilane’s way of doing, it reflects our way of life.

Pepe Barro, creator of the Pazo de Vilane free-range egg box
Pazo de Vilane free-range egg boxes


Now it is up to you
to keep writing the story

Pazo de Vilane will continue to look after its hens and will remain loyal to its history and principles