Handmade raspberry jam

Mermelada de frambuesa de Pazo de Vilane

For making Pazo de Vilane’s raspberry jam, we only use whole fruits which are directly picked from our plots and, then, we just add a pinch of sugar and agar. The secret of its unique flavour is collecting the fruits at their optimum –and natural– degree of ripeness. The wet and mild Galician climate ensures that our raspberries are juicy, sweet-scented, thick and full of pulp. When their colour intensity reaches its peak, we know they are ready to be picked. Our handmade raspberry jam pairs perfectly with toasts, cheese, pâté, foie and yoghurt.

Handmade blueberry jam

mermelada de arándonos de Pazo de Vilane

Our homemade blueberry jam is prepared with 70% of whole fruits collected at their right level of ripeness. Blueberry is a superfood; therefore, the recommendation is to consume 90-100 grams a day for its high fibre, mineral, vitamin and antioxidant content. It protects against sickness and improves brain health.

Galicia’s acidic, damp and drained soil favours the cultivation and the quality of our blueberries. Do not hesitate to use our blueberry jam in your cheesecakes or as a dressing for your salads, roasts or sweet pizzas.

Handmade Strawberry jam

Handmade Strawberry jam from Pazo de Vilane

If you are a fan of strawberry jam, you have to try Pazo de Vilane’s. It is made only with Galician strawberries from “A Ulloa”, very appreciated among gourmet people for the delicacy of its pulp and high content of natural sugars. Like all our artisan jam, it contains 70% of ripened and juicy fruit. Be sure to try it on toast, add it to meat and fish, or use it as the main ingredient of a delicious homemade ice cream.

Handmade Wild Fruits jam

Handmade Wild Fruits jam from Pazo de Vilane

Ideal for wild fruit lovers, our new jam combines strawberry, raspberry and blueberry picked in the summer months in our lands; it has a delicious sweet and sour touch that makes it addictive. Slow cooked according to Pazo’s traditional recipe, it is delicious in cakes, brioches or puff pastries, as a red meat or game counterpoint, on whole wheat bread or artisan cookies.

Handmade sweet and sour tomato jam

Mermelada de tomate agridulce de Pazo de Vilane

Only by picking whole organic tomatoes can we make the best Pazo de Vilane’s handmade sweet and sour tomato jam. With 72% fruit content, it can be paired with your most sophisticated dishes: smoked food, cheese, salted pastries, cold vegetable pies or as a seasoning or chutney for roasts, hamburgers and chicken skewers.

Production process

Locals say that «A Margada» plot, where we grow the fruits we use in our jams, is one of the best in the area. Facing south and surrounded by the Estanco river, it has its own water tank and well. Today, our free-range hens also enjoy it by freely foraging about this fertile land.

The secret of our handmade jams is our annual determination towards having the best raw materials in our fields and following the traditional recipe. Ripe fruit and slow cooking grant our jams their characteristic flavour, colour and texture.

The final touch are their impeccable cases made of recyclable cardboard. The best wrapping for a gourmet gift or the perfect container for storing your ingredients: toppings, spices or dried fruits.

Aren’t you willing to try our natural jams?