Supporting entrepreneurship is one of the everyday driving forces at Pazo de Vilane. Our aim is to revitalise our shire and to counsel those who are starting their road by sharing our experience through our entrepreneurial initiatives.

Emprender desde la raíz

Engaging in business from the roots

Emprender desde la raíz

At Pazo de Vilane, four entrepreneurs from the psychology, training, education and business fields joined for the adventure of shaping this pioneering project in Spain. This is a cycle whose purpose is to mix personal development with entrepreneurship in order to explore and broaden business skills, competences and behaviours with a practical and experiential methodology approach.

The programme’s goal is to raise awareness among entrepreneurial people about their entrepreneur self, their background, their own obstacles and fears, their strengths and, above all, their creative capacity. The aim is not only to develop the entrepreneurial project by raising awareness of one’s qualities, but also by means of one’s strengths and weaknesses as a business leader.

Mujeres emprendedoras

Female entrepreneurs

Mujeres emprendedoras Pazo

At Pazo de Vilane, we know first-hand the difficulties faced by women when they want to start out their own project. In order to support women, we have kicked off this initiative aimed at supporting other female entrepreneurs who are taking their first steps in business and who are facing a path filled with uncertainty.

The selected women receive a full-mentoring programme for six months with face-to-face or virtual classes. During this period, the winners will also travel to Pazo de Vilane in order to know the place and learn from the business experience of Nuria and Piedad Varela-Portas, entrepreneurs and founders of Pazo de Vilane.