Eggs laid by free-range hens

huevos de gallinas en libertad

At Pazo de Vilane, we pamper our hens so they can give their best free-range eggs in return. That is why our philosophy is we «Do not produce eggs, we take care of hens». When we set the project in motion, we decided that our way of doing things was going to be unique because, for us, animal welfare is –and has always been– a priority.

The idea of raising pasture-raised hens seemed a crazy thing when we started out; however, we knew that producing our products in a sustainable way would make us obtain the best possible egg: a free-range egg of the highest quality coming from the heart of Galicia.

So our eggs can have the nutritional properties that make them unique, we provide our hens with an enjoyable pasture land where they can freely forage about. Our experience has shown that our hens’ well-being is crucial so they can give their best in return.

Galician-manor eggs

Huevos de Pazo gallego - Pazo de Vilane

Pazo de Vilane’s free-range eggs are different from the rest because the way we take care of our hens is also different. In order to obtain Galician-manor free-range eggs, our animals have access to fresh and tender pastures all year round thanks to the rainy Galician weather with mild temperatures. This is a basic characteristic of our free-range eggs since, in this way, we can make sure the nutrients that grant a different flavour to our eggs are present. 

Daily foraging grants minerals, amino acids, proteins, calcium, phosphorous, carotenoids and plenty of vitamins (B, K, A, D and E) to the egg. The fact of going out every day to peck at grass, little pebbles and insects increases the egg’s linoleic acid and Omega 3 fatty acid content. Besides, the feed they eat contains cereals, which directly derive from grains of the highest quality without featuring synthetic products or by-products.  

For an egg to be considered a free-range egg, it must be proven that it comes from pasture-raised hens. Animal welfare implies guaranteeing an adequate life for the chickens’ nature and instincts, with sand baths, fluttering, running about in flocks and exercising their legs. That is the difference we make.

Food safety

Seguridad alimentaria Pazo

We are concerned about what you eat; that is why we have two quality certifications. The ISO 22000 standard, dealing with food safety, is audited and certified by AENOR and Galicia Calidade, which is the quality mark endorsed by the Xunta de Galicia (Galicia’s regional government). Thus, those who work at Pazo de Vilane receive a continuous training on food safety and we are committed to giving you the best eggs.

Why buying free-range eggs

por que comprar huevos camperos
  • 1. Our project is unique.

  • 2. We take care of our hens since they are one day old with our own method.

  • 3. We are concerned about their well-being, that is why they remain their whole life in freedom.

  • 4. Every day, they roam freely about the parks teeming with fresh pasture.

  • 5. The nutrients they gather while pecking turn their eggs into something different.

  • 6. We give them a varied and well-rounded diet in order to achieve the highest possible quality.

  • 7. Our free-range eggs have a homemade, traditional, special flavour.

  • 8. We can assure that our manor eggs always come from our coops.

  • 9. Every day, we make sure our chickens’ nests are clean and we look after the open-air environment where they forage.

  • 10. At Pazo de Vilane, we also promote rural employment within A Ulloa shire.