At Pazo de Vilane, we support the preservation of the cultural and heritage values in Galicia and A Ulloa. Every year, we carry out several initiatives aimed at approaching our entity to those who are willing to meet us and see what we do.

Open days

Puertas abiertas en Pazo de VilaneEvery year, we organise open days at Pazo de Vilane for everyone who is willing to pay us a visit. Coinciding with St John’s Eve, we get ready to receive visitors coming from all over Spain. We open our doors for all of our followers to see in person where our hens live, how they are fed and how they forage outdoors.

Furthermore, visitors can get to know the manor itself and they can also visit the packaging plant. Here they discover how eggs are taken care of since they leave the farms until they reach every home. In the open days, we also visit the plantations from where we take the fruit we use for making Pazo de Vilane’s handmade jams.

Concertos no Pazo

Concertos no Pazo

As part of the initiatives aimed at fostering cultural activities in the rural environment is ‘Concertos no Pazo’ (concerts at the manor). Every year, we organise new concerts at Pazo de Vilane offering the best classical music in A Ulloa shire. This activity is free of charge and offers an evening filled with good music for the enjoyment of all of the area’s inhabitants.

The ‘Concertos no Pazo’ setting is located in some of the restored areas or even in the garden, if weather is favourable. This way, we revitalise the architectural spaces we have been refurbishing. We do not only carry out farming activities, we also worry about promoting social and cultural initiatives around us.