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  1. 1. Pazo de Vilane has drawn up a privacy policy and has defined the means and procedures required for its implementation.

Under the Organic Law on the Protection of Personal Data (OL 15/1999, of 13 December), ‘personal data’ refers to ‘any information regarding identified or identifiable individuals.’

The only personal data to which Pazo de Vilane will have access are those that the user provides voluntarily. In this regard, the user must know that certain personal data will be requested for signing up and registering for certain products/services offered through this website. In the cases and in relation to the data where this is specifically stated for users/clients, you will not be able to access or use such services and contents if you do not provide these data. For example, identification details may be requested, as well as any others that are legally required or that are necessary to give the information requested or to provide a service, as the case may be. Voluntary data are collected by Pazo de Vilane for the purposes stated in the data protection clause below.

In compliance with the regulations in force, Pazo de Vilane has adopted the technical and organisational measures needed to maintain the level of security required for the personal data processed. Pazo de Vilane has the appropriate mechanisms available to it to prevent, insofar as possible, any unauthorised access, theft or illicit alteration and data loss.

Notwithstanding this, if you post personal information that is publicly accessible online, you may receive spam from other persons and therefore your data may be known to third parties.

In view of all of the above, we advise you to act with utmost diligence in this matter and use all the security tools available to you, as Pazo de Vilane cannot be held liable for any illicit data loss, alteration or theft.

Users’ rights of access, rectification, cancellation and objection, as appropriate, are recognised by law, and you may exercise such rights by writing to the address included in the data protection clause below. Likewise, at any time you may withdraw your consent to the use or assignment of your data given when such data were indispensable to successfully execute the contract, without prejudice to Pazo de Vilane’s right to terminate the relevant contract. You may also modify the data that you have provided to Pazo de Vilane through this website in the manner stated on the relevant web pages.


If the user is an individual, they are hereby informed that their personal data, to which Pazo de Vilane may have access as a result of queries, the procurement of products and services by any means, or computer processes relating to already registered data, will be included in a file owned by Pazo de Vilane. The user authorises Pazo de Vilane to process their data for the purpose of use in a form or application or the conduct of commercial activity, whether general or adapted to their personal characteristics, for Pazo de Vilane’s products and services to be offered to and procured by the user. In the latter case, this authorisation will remain in force even after the user’s relationship with Pazo de Vilane ends, for as long as the authorisation is not withdrawn.

In the event of subsequent transfers to other companies associated with Pazo de Vilane, the parties agree that Pazo de Vilane will notify the user of such transfers in the usual manner that is used to inform them, if appropriate, of the products they have contracted from Pazo de Vilane.

You are hereby informed that you may exercise your rights of objection, access, rectification and cancellation in relation to your personal data in the terms established by law, by sending a letter to the following address: Lugar de Vilane, 31, 27570 Antas de Ulla, Lugo, Spain. The provision of the data requested in the terms of this document is mandatory, and the controller of the file is Pazo de Vilane, S. L., whose business address for this purpose is the one stated above.

Notwithstanding the foregoing and the provisions of the preceding section, the owner of the data may express their refusal to notify and process their data for purposes other than those directly related to the maintenance, development or control of the contractual relationship, including both the fact that the user’s personal data may not be transferred to companies associated with Pazo de Vilane and the fact that the user’s personal data may not be used to offer and contract other Pazo de Vilane products and services.

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